Our exquisite bridal gowns has been carefully selected from collections by award-winning designers.


Should I Buy Online?

Looking for ideas in magazines and on the Internet is a good start, but a dress displayed on a 6ft size zero model is not likely to look the same on you.  You also need to consider the fabric the dress is made of and how it makes you feel when you try it.  Hence buying from the Internet can be a disaster when it’s such an important piece of your wedding day. This is not your ordinary shopping for clothes and is like no dress you have ever worn before!  Buying from the Internet for ordinary clothes is a great idea, but wedding gowns are not ordinary clothes and we have had many girls come to us who have already bought a dress from EBay or online shops, only to be disappointed with the material, the quality or the fit and there is no alterations service on a website.

“You get what you pay for” as the expression goes and buying cheap off the web will not provide you with the overall satisfaction of the process that should be part of your once in a lifetime experience. Plus the money wasted on a ‘cheap’ dress could have been better put towards something else needed in the wedding budget.

SO WHY ARE WE SELLING ON LINE.    To give you amazing bargains.  Since we don’t have to pay overheads (cost of Rent, Rates, Staff), we can offer you prices much less than the Bridal Stores.

BUT, HOW CAN YOU BE SURE ABOUT A GOOD DEAL AND A GOOD FIT?    –   Visit as many Bridal Stores as you need to get a clear understanding of what styles suit you and what Designs you prefer.  Get the names of the Designers and the names of the Dresses.  Try to get photos of the gowns, so that you can be sure that you can search on Google to confirm the dress you have actually tried on.    AND DON’T GET BULLIED INTO BUYING A DRESS BEFORE YOU CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE.   Amazing offers in a Bridal Store are usually still much higher than our prices, because we don’t have the overheads to pay for.

What Are Alterations and Do I Need Them?

Let’s face it, non of us are the same shape and because of the design of wedding gowns as mentioned above, they are less likely to fit you perfectly off the rail.  In all the years we’ve been helping brides there have only been a handful that needed no dress alterations at all.  Generally everyone needs at least the hem height adjusting and usually a tweak to the side of the dress to improve the bust fit (a busty ‘overspill’ on you wedding day is not a desirable look!).  We always advise how much the standard ‘hems and sides’ alterations may cost, but you may also like to ‘personalize’ your dress to make it your dream dress. Adding applique, detailing, crystals, lace back and even changing to a ‘sweetheart’ neckline is possible with our designer seamstress.


Your seamstress is important!  We are different to most on-line stores, in that we have a qualified seamstress that you will have direct access to, and a promise that the work carried out would be of the highest standard possible.

We feel it’s important to meet the person that will be working on your dress in order to make it fit you perfectly and you need to feel comfortable with a person that you will have a number of fittings with.  Trust us when we say we have seen some shoddy work done by other seamstresses and unfortunately other Bridal Shops!  We all know somebody that can sew, but running up a pair of curtains on a machine is not the same as taking apart 8 layers of fine material belonging the most important garment a girl could ever wear.  We, however, want you to look your absolute best on your day and this can be seen on our comments pages, our Facebook pages and the huge amount of thank-you cards we are very proud of.

Say No to Pressure Sales

Beware of shops using pressure sales.   Staff crowding around you and bombarding you with complements on how fab the dress looks on you, combined with pressuring you to leave a deposit is not how we work. We have had brides come to us in tears and not wanting to go back to that shop, losing their deposit!


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